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How Will You Benefit?

Whether you seek to overcome a health issue, want to meet a personal health goal, are an athlete aspiring to maximum performance, or have sore muscles or are just looking to relax, you might find you can benefit from a professional massage. Mobile Massage Resolutions is an established business offering a variety of options to meet your physical and personal needs.

I will take the time to understand you, your needs, and your goals. I am not a high-volume massage factory; I offer services designed for you. I serve those in the following areas:

  • Jacksonville
  • Riverside
  • San Marco
  • Southside
  • Airport
  • NAS Jax
  • Orange Park
  • Green Cove Springs
  • Middleburg

I’ll get you in for an appointment in the comfort of your own home or hotel as soon as possible, and I’ll take the time to discuss all your issues so that I can decide how to help you the best. With eight years of experience, I have the skills and equipment to give you the treatment that will help you lead a healthier, more comfortable life. Some of the services I offer include:


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is simply the act using deep strokes of massage to simply access the deeper layers of tissue in muscles, hence the name deep tissue massage.

Acupressure Massage

Acupressure is similar to acupuncture as in that it allows you to relax without the need of needles. Acupressure is working with your chi (qi) or energy to heal the body as a whole.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is by far one of my favorite types of therapy. Sports therapy is similar to manual therapy  because they both most commonly include kneading and manipulation of muscles, joint mobilization and joint manipulation.

“The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.” 


What others have to say

"I hunted this man down when he changed locations. If you are looking for a rub down go somewhere else. If you are looking for the best massage with a talented therapist who can find every knot and fix it, come see the best, Stephen! I have a very labor intensive job and at the end of the week all of the muscles in my back are angry. Stephen knows how to fix everything and make me feel normal again. He takes away the pain. Stephen truly is the best!!!"
April F.
"He is by far one of the most effective massage therapist I've ever met. His techniques are really innovative and the results last longer. You will leave feeling lighter on your feet."
Marcus S.
"I was once a licensed massage therapist with an emphasis on neuromuscular treatment. I am very picky with whom I allow to massage me or provide bodywork of any kind. Stephen not only met my requirements with his knowledge, he surpassed everything I expected. He is officially 'my go to' and the only therapist I would recommend for those of us who want real body work. Spa massage is not meant for the people with real pain :)."
Angela S.
"I play a lot of tennis and work out. So lots of muscle tightness and trigger points (knots). I keep him busy LOL. Stephen has an uncanny ability to know how to get rid of them right away. It's not your typical massage, but super effective: very much a sports massage. Of course he can do traditional massage too. Stephen can always tell if I'm having hip/shoulder pain etc. by the way I walk in. An hour later, voila, I'm feeling much better. Very intuitive sports massage therapist. Most highly recommended!"
Sheryl P.
"Stephen is truly a gifted massage therapist. He is very professional and passionate about his work. I carry my stress in my shoulders and neck and he always gets me back to 'normal'. I also run and lift weights so I am often sore from a workout when I go to see him. Stephen's massages definitely aid in muscle recovery. I highly recommend him!"
Bryce E.

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