Acupressure Massage

How Can Acupressure Massage Help Me?

Acupressure therapy involves manipulating acupressure points located throughout the body. These points are located on the skin and are sensitive to bioelectrical impulses in the body and conduct those impulses readily.

Tension tends to gather around acupressure points. Massaging them helps the muscles to relax. Eastern practitioners believe that acupressure points enhancehealth because they are located along energy meridians. Western practitioners also recognize their importance and attribute their healing powers to the release of endorphins which blocks pain and increases blood flow.

So what are the contraindications?

It is important to be knowledgeable with the acupressure points you are dealing with. Stimulation of some acupoints can cause undesirable effects and may aggravate a condition. In addition, some points should be avoided when dealing with certain conditions. Consult with your naturopath or other health practitioner when first undergoing acupressure therapy to ensure you are working with the correct acupoint or series of points.

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